Thursday, November 15, 2007


heeeeere's ollie :)
on my beaddreams yahoo group~
we went thru a fish frenzy for awhile~
ollie is just one of many~
no two ever come out the same~
i will have to see if i can get a pic of the whole school :)
a few are going off as christmas presents~doesn't everyone need a fish on their tree ???


Sherry said...

The imagination is a wonderful we see things, what we create...this is lovely and I'm sure no 2 come out the same...which is what makes art so incredibly wonderful.

Lori said...

Brenda, Those cupcakes are so cute I 'll have to give you four entries!! Thanks for leting me know!! Good lock in my give-away! Lori

tammy lang said...

thanks sherry -they are tooo much fun to make and whip up pretty quick:)

lori with your give away going on me thinks you got me confused with someone else-hehehee!!but thats ok just as long as 'tammy'goes in your give away hat-you can call me anything you'd like :)

Beadin' Gram said...

Love "Ollie" -- I joined the group too late for the fish -- but they are on my "to do" list. Love your cats -- oh, heck, just love your blog.
Jackie in IL

artandtea said...

"Ollie" is magnificent. Fish on a Xmas tree? Absolutely! I have a white Villeroy & Boch ceramic fish with gold polka dots and human arms on my tree every year - a holiday gift from my brother and SIL. It's a treasure.
Looking forward to seeing the whole school!

Carolyn said...

I would never have thought of putting a fish on a tree ! Very clever idea !!

btw - Wanna take part in Christmas cracker swap dear ? :o))

tammy lang said...

hi karen your fish ornament sounds great!! right up my alley:)
any pic;s of it to post to your blog?

tammy lang said...

hi jackie and carolyn
jackie these little fish are just toooooo easy to make!!!give it a go:)

carolyn-chritmas cracker swap??? can you email me with more info:)