Saturday, November 10, 2007

prize winner

i received this wonderful prize in the mail yesterday~beautifuly wrapped~ and the contents are just wonderful~it is a hand made wire and bead candle ring~ a foil doily that i will sit the candle on and a little micro bead fairy wand!!
this came from carolyn in england-there was a halloween blog~ghouls just want to have fun~and carolyn had a great halloween themed blog posted~lots of neat vintage stuff:)~ with this as a prize -and guess who won-hehee love it!!~ many many thanks carolyn:)
i wish the pic' of the ring was better but i am just learning how to use my scanner:)


Carolyn said...

Great to see it safe and sound with you !
Got my other give away on now , so if you and any other readers of yours wants to take part - hop on over !
Do we get to see it around a candle ?

tammy lang said...

hi carolyn
heheeee i'll be righ over:)
once i am over this cold i am having-i am off to the store for a candle to put the ring around:)
will def post pic's
love it~thanks again:)

Maggie R said...

Lucky You Tammy..... It's Lovely

tammy lang said...

hi maggie
the scanned pic just does not do it justice and i went out yesterday and one of the things i forgot to pick up was a candle for it:(
when i get one for the ring to nestle around i will post a pic..