Monday, December 17, 2007

poor gladys is frozen

as you can see we had ice here in ct~my car is frozen!!-the drive is slick with ice-if you fall on that stuff you'll wrench your back and put another crack in your bum!! heheeee its a balmy 7f/~13c out and thats without the windchill-so as my friend mary says i will have to 'rug up' and venture out into the crisp cold wind and start chipping away~the roads are too much of a mess to even want to go anywhere~i don't want to leave the car frozen~i've had to run a extension cord out the door with a hair dryer to unfreeze the doors before~there is something about the fresh cold air that makes me feel awake and alive~not like the stiffeling heat and humidity of summer~100% winter girl :D


Maggie R said...

Hi Tammy.... welll poor Gladys!!! Hope you got her unstuck and hope you didn't get an extra crack in your bum trying!!!!LOL
Maggie in snowy Canada :9(

Noel said... your Gladys...she's a beauty even if she's frozen in time. Hope she thaws out soon!

Mary said...

I think Gladys needs a beanie Tammy
or a mug of hot engine oil...yum!

tammy lang said...

hi girls
gladys has beeen unearthed from the ice!! but i think more is on the way-little spits of ice and snow-oh well thats weather in new england
thanks for stopping in