Sunday, December 16, 2007

two out of four.....

well two out of four have begun to open~this amaryllis isn't very tall~which is fine~i can't wait to have all four blooms open~these are such majestic flowers this time of year~it is really cold only about 15~spiting freezing rain and snow~so i am off to eat some soup~put in 'its a wonderful life" dvd which is my all time favorite christmas movie~i have seen it too many times to count and can probably recite almost every line~lol~it has the best snow scene's and i love jimmy stewart~


Mary said...

OK so I will leave a Haga su comentario, vbg.... this is blooming gorgeous! :-) looks like what I know as a hippyastrim (spelling?) which comes in a huge variety of colours
Love your mums card to you too Tami LOL..its so much quicker to type too...

Noel said...

Wow, what a gorgeous flower...a little bit of spring for such a wintery day! Have a soup for comfort food...yummmm!

Maggie R said...

Hi There Tammy..
What a beauty you have bloomin' there! Such a delicate color....
Sounds like you are tucked in for a nice comfy time.... Me too..... We had the worst snowstorm but it seems to be subsiding now, Nevertheless I'm tucked inside too!!

tammy lang said...

hi girls
so nice to see you:D
i only know them as amaryllis mary~we have them as packaged blubs with planters in the shops at christmas time-perfect to force~this one is about 20" high which is really kind of short~i always give one to my dad for christmas along with a gift card to barnes and noble~he loves flowers~and gets great pleasure out of watching them bloom :D
send me that snow storm miss maggie!!
i ate canned soup noel~i really wanted homemade stew but who wanted to fight the crowds at the store on saturday-not this girl:D
have a good day all
X's &O's

Maggie R said...

Oh Yes Tammy, I would send you my snowstorm in a heartbeat if I could!!:-)
Maggie in sunny cold Canada..