Thursday, December 20, 2007

atc's from mary in austraila

~ today i received a wonderful box full of christmas and pre-birthday treasures
from mary in austraila~ these are just two items
wonderful atc's made by mary!!! i just love her work
i love it~a nudie 'let it snow' for my birthday giggle giggle:D
and the precious one with wings for christmas
ohhh theres more but its dark now and i will wait to post more tomorrow when the light is better~i guess i should of waited to open the birthday present but who can resist a beautiful wrapped present?? inside was a 'celtic woman' cd~its full of beautiful music
thank you so much mary~
double click for a better look :D
off to wrap gifts-hope i have enough paper!!


Sherry said...

Tammy, these are really lovely, and I'm laughing about the nudie wanting went out in your pjs to make your least you "told" us you went out in your this you in the photo?!?! LOL!!!

Merry Christmas Tammy....may all your wishes and dreams come true!

tammy lang said...

hi sherry
heheheeeeeeeee you never know~i'm sure there has been a time or two where i have been neeeked in the snow-VBG:D
isn't marys work great!! she sure knows me!! LOL
i received a box full of goodies from her-i have more to share
i hope your chritmas is merry and bright sherry and the best for a good new year

Gypsy said...

Hmmm, what has been in Mary S's eggnog punch, I wonder??
Wonderful cards.

Carolyn said...

Just want to wish you a Happy Christmas Tammy , and all your family !