Saturday, December 22, 2007

my christmas wood nymph~NOEL~handmade by mary strong

i received this from mary strong in austraila the other day!!! a great christmas box full of treasures too
~she is all hand made by mary-right down to her hand dyed lace wings~soft red fur skirt~ teeny tiny fingers with polish :D
her colors and beadwork are wonderful!her arm and leg are adorned with leaf beads
her arms and long lanky legs are jointed-wish i had gams like that :D
did you notice her little antene??
mary told me she is a wood nymph~when i opened her up 'the first noel' was playing so after googling just what noel means-old english for birthday~ and my birthday is the 29th~i have decided to call her 'noel'
she is a heartwarming beauty~the pic's just do not do her justice ~thank you ever so much mary~she is a treasure that i am very grateful to have ~pure magic comes out of your fingers and heart~X's&O's
please double click the pic


Gypsy said...

Noel is just WONDERFUL, and what detail! You are one lucky friend, Tammy, and Mary is so darn talented!

Maggie R said...

What a lovely name for your little beauty..... you are so lucky to have one of Mary's pieces, she really is so creative!
I hope you have a wonderful birthday but first you have to wait for Santa.
in mild southern ontario canada

tammy lang said...

hi ladies
yes i am just tickled with 'noel' mary does such lovely work-her attention to detail is amazing-
noel is magical
merry christmas all :D
x's& o's