Saturday, December 15, 2007

card from mom

heres this years christmas card from mom~sweet isn't it?~ok so heres the thing~
she gave birth to me along with five other children~ i am the third oldest~she named me 'tammy jo'~ but why is it that she spells my name 'Tami' when she writes my name?? is it because she can't remember how she spelled one of her six kids name?? LOL gotta love mom~my brother who moved in after her second husband passed away said he thinks dementia is setting in~i told him if you had six kids and six grandkids wouldn't you have a bit of dementia too VBG


Sherry said... this card from your mother Tami I mean Tammy!! :) Too funny that your mother is now spelling your name with one m and an i...I love your comment to your true is that!! And it's quite possible that she's just becoming forgetful. There was only me and my sister and my mom always called us verbally, "arsherry" or "sharlene" never knowing which one she was calling...drove us nuts. But in her mind as long as it wasn't "hey you" we were ahead of the game!!

Carolyn said...

Hey Tammy !

Nice of you to pop by mine , it`s been a while ! :o)

I had to laugh , my partner calls me miss penguin as a nick name !
Not sure why , it`s just stuck with me now ! :o)

Cute photo .


Noel said...

Love the card Tammy....funny comment to your brother about your mom....but trut. If all my brothers and sisters lived...there would have been 12 of us....I'm #5 in the chain but the second oldest to live! Now could you imagine holiday gatherings for us. As it is we are like the family in "Home for the Holidays" that movie!

tammy lang said...

hi girls
glad to have you stop by :D
when i asked mom about the 'tami' spelling she told me that is how I spell it?? what? huh??? lol~ i think she has 'selective' memory LOL
carolyn-theres something about penguins that makes me feel all soft and fuzzy:)
noel-heheheeeee we are a 'home for the holidays' family too-love that movie :D