Saturday, December 8, 2007

hmmmmm don't know what it is.....

i am not sure what this was always in my moms fish tank when we were kids~ its a good 6 lbs if not more~i am thinking a big hunk of molten glass?? about 7" across and 6" high-i love all the shades of red in it~i use it for a book end now~i have no idea of where or who to take it to~to find out what it is~wouldn't it be something if its a huge uncut RUBY~and its has sat in a fish tank and on a book shelf for more than 45 years!!!! i just find it really cool-and great to hold~


Sherry said...

Whatever this Tammy it's many shades and depths to it...if it's a ruby (!) it would make a mighty heavy ring!! :) It needs to be taken to Antiques Roadshow!!!!!

By the the photograph you've added to your profile!!

Maggie R said...

Certainly looks like a treasure...The color is gorgeous... and it looks like it would feel good.
Yes I think Sherry is right.. It needs to go to the Antiques Roadshow!! :-)

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Tammy. This gem must of look gorgeous in a fish tank. What gorgous shades of red. What will you do with it???? Hugs Judy

tammy lang said...

hi girls
thanks for your help sherry in adding the pic to my profile:)
lets call it a red rock-LOL
it is wicked heavy-the pic's do not do it justice-it looked great in moms tank-it kind of glowed under the water-i can't remember how i ended up with it? antiques road show is a good idea-i use it as a bookend now judy-i will have to ask my mom where it came from-but i bet she doesn't remember-its been around for a long long time
the colors are really interesting-i love it-

Mary said...

Fabulous red stone Tammy. what are those clubs called for people that collect stones...laperdery (?) I think. They would know what it is.