Friday, December 7, 2007

i started working on this bird house for my mom for christmas~ it was unfinished wood which i painted and distressed adding clip art~ the roof is paint with sand mixed in not sure if i am liking the color of the roof yet?~not feeling very inspired today~cold and bleak~it is flurring out!! YEA~so far this season we have had only a dusting :(
~i need snow to get into the christmas spirit~and it is cold~so i am thinking a nice little nap is in order for this afternoon~still the flurries are nice to see~come on mom nature open up the heavens and give us something beautiful~


Sherry said...

The flurries are lovely to see...what, no snow angels in the pjs today?!? :) LOL!!

I like the bird house...very much. How are you feeling about the roof now? I know the just don't "love" something for whatever reason & then suddenly it comes to you.

Your mother will love this!! Hope you enjoyed the nap!

Mary said...

Oh Tammy this is gorgeous! your mum is going to love it! See you didnt need that crackle stuff, you have given it a distressed marks!

tammy lang said...

hi girls
and thanks for your nice remarks!!
ho ho ho we have snow!! ok only an inch or so but its beautiful
i'm sure there will be more snow angel pic sherry:D
i am waiting to see how the rest of the bird house comes together before i decide on the roof-i will post the 'garden' i made on the side-its still in its goofy stage-but i love it-nice that mom has an eclectic art side to her too-

Maggie R said...

Hi Tammy,
What a lovely gift for your Mom.
Will it be for real birdies or is it just for decoration?
Love the distressed finish.

tammy lang said...

hi maggie
i think my mom will want to put it outside for the birds to use so i have to find something-thinking polyurathane(?) to really give it a good sealing-the distress is just a bit of dry brush over i rough wood -i didn't sand it so i would have some texture to work with:)

Christina said...

What a terrific bird house you've made for your Mum - she's bound to love it, especially with all her "little flowers" on it. Great idea to mix sand with the paint for the roof. Did you make the house too?

tammy lang said...

hi christina
hehee i love her little garden too-not sure how my son nieces and nephews are going to feel about it-really goofy pic's of them-
i bought the at a craft store-bare wood and then painted and added stuff-
glad to see you pop in :D