Sunday, January 6, 2008

awful way to start the new year....

it feels like i have been MIA for quite awhile~i kicked off the new year with some kind of nasty virus~and a sinus infections~ick~its been over a week now and i still feel rotten and today i am sooo crabby i can't stand myself!!
hopefully i will start to feel better really soon and can get on with things i want to do this year~the plans for today are a much needed shower and dishes and mugs~from all the soup and camomile tea with honey i have been drinking~and that will take care of my energy quota for the day~damp and raining today i think winter has forgotten us this year~only one half way decent snow-maybe four inches and that was before christmas~and we will be near 60 during the week-blah :(


Noel said...

Hi sweetie....I know exactly how you feel....I'm still having issues with this sinus just doesn't want to leave and with this rainy weather we're having it's a killer.
Stay in and feel better soon.
Warm fuzzy hugs!

Gypsy said...

Think of it as getting your yearly nasty over with early, Tammy!
Try some elderberry tea, it tastes good, and boosts your immune system in a good way!
Hope you feel better soon, and that Old Man Winter brings you snow soon!

Christina said...

I sincerely hope that you are now beginning to feel a little better and that your outlook is now a lot more positive. Whatever your weather brings, I hope that the sun soon shines for you.

Carolyn said...

Hi Tammy
Just checking in on you ..

I hope you`re feeling better soon !
there`s a load of nasty bugs going around here as well


Sherry said...

Not a pleasant way to start the year at all...hope you are feeling back to your old self soon!!!!

Maggie R said...

Tammy are you feeling better now..... Seem to be a stubborn bug some of you have right now....
Hope you feel better real soon.
Warm fuzzy Hugs

clevelandgirlie said...

Hey Tammy. Hope you are well on your way to recovery (although you haven't posted in almost a week!!! so I'm wondering how you are.)
I love the bracelet you made your sister, and I also love your little sidebar pics of the kittens and the snowman. Your blog is always so much visual FUN! Hope you are better girl and back to your crazy blocks soon. Have you started one yet???? Maybe whilest you have been lounging in bed with your camomile???