Sunday, January 6, 2008

finished beaded cuff

i'm done!!! here's my beaded cuff i made for a bead~along for one of my yahoo groups-
that beautiful cab was sent to me by noel!! she made it~its dycrylic(?) glass and oh so pretty~thanks noel!!
the cuff went to my older sis for her 50th bday the other day~i forgot to take pic's of the beaded edge that i put on it to cover the metal form on the edge before giving it to sis~oh well...its cream delicas~black AB size 14 bugles-pink copper size #15's and copper colored freshwater pearls~it really sits nicely on the wrist~that surprised me!! never having made one before and kind of winging it as far as putting the pieces together~its consists of heavy pellon for the beads a metal form and the inside is a piece of suede~i found i need a thimble~really really sharp needles and a lot of patience!! but i am happy with my first results and it was nice that sis liked it~that made it all worth while :)


Grace said...

Hi Tammy,
Great looking cuff, I recently made my first one as well - soooo much fun! I plan to make several more.

I'm in a 'I should be a cuff' swap on a Delphi forum. I can hardly wait to see what I get. I'll blog about it what I'm sending out for the swap in a few days.

Where did you get/what did you use for your blank?

Phyl said...

Tammy!THis cuff bracelet is gorgeous, dahlin'.....!
How wide?Looks like one inch?I'm dying to try one; can't I also make it without the metal cuff and let it button or snap?Your colors are great...lucky sister!

artandtea said...

What a beautiful bracelet, Tammy! I love the dichroic cab you chose for the focal point. Your sister is so lucky to receive such a gorgeous gift!

Noel said...

Wow Tammy's a beauty..I love the color combo you used too! You did a fantastic job. You have time to do another one you know....hehehe I haven't started mine yet so I might have to pick your brain for some guidence....I promise I won't pick too hard...LOL!

tammy said...

hi girls
and thanks!
grace-i sent you a email~ can't wait to see what you post on your blog!!
phyl- its a 1/2 inch blank~i don't see why you can't do one with out a blank?? i'd ask the beaddreamz group:)but the blank gives it some weight and makes it sit nicely on the wrist
noel-the cab made it come out as nice as it did :) pick away~it was pretty much trial and error-and lots of patience :)

Mary said...

Oh very nice Tammy... no wonder your sister was happy with her birthday gift.. and the cab of Noels is gorgeous!
keep up the good work girl ;-)

Sherry said...

Hey, really pretty cuff!!!

tammy said...

hi girls
and thanks so much for stopping by-still getting over what ever nasty virus i had but feeling oh so much better :)