Wednesday, January 23, 2008


OH YUM......


Mary S said...

Oh Yum..he looks kinda sleepy..wonder if I could offer him a bed for the night ;-)

Noel said...

Yummmm is right! Did you ever get to watch P3 yet?

Carolyn said...

Oh yes , gimme Jack Sparrow !! ;o)
Or there is Sweeny Todd , but not seen it yet !

tammy said...

heeeheeee sure he looks tired mary-it was a long nite after all :) and he's quite comfy here VBG
nope no P3 yet noel-but its on the list of movies to get at the video store:)
haven;t seen sweeny todd yet either carolyn my sis walked out??she said there is too much singing? i don't think she realized it is a musical after all:)

clevelandgirlie said...

You're right Tammy - it was a long night -- and he was fantastic!!!

I grew up watching him on 21 Jump Street and had a crush on him back then. Like Bon Jovi - he just keeps getting better with age.