Wednesday, January 23, 2008

a little something for mary.....

i made this little beaded and embroidered image for mary in australia for her birthday on january 21
this is my first attempt~and i learned a few things~do not use 'quick fuse' if you want to get a needle thru the image!! way to hard on the hands and needle!! iron freezer paper to the fabric first then run it thru the printer and heat set with an iron~get myself some fray check :) but all in all i enjoyed making this for mary~i see more in the future:)


Noel said...

What a perfect birthday gift for Mary. Makes my dotee look like Phyllis Diller...hehehe!!!
I love it, you did a beautiful job and thanks for the info on how you did it.

Gypsy said...

I see someone is feeling better- a little Depp to help your day-eh?
Nice gift for Mary!

Maggie R said...

Oh Tammy this is so sweet.Mary loved it!
Nice to try something different. I know what you mean about the fusing. I fused black fabric to my Lacey's Stiff Stuff top and bottom for my cuff. Had to re do it as it was bending the needles too much!!!! I ended up basting the fabric instead top only!! so I know where you were coming from here