Monday, January 14, 2008

this is a nor'easter???

well this storm was a dud-we have maybe 4"~
compared to the 8+ that was predicted~
but still its pretty :)
heavy wet sticky snow!
i am so ready for a good day or two blizzzard~
its just not winter without snow to me and this winter has been rainy and warm~oh well theres still time :)
come on mom nature i'm waitng !!!


Maggie R said...

You need a "Snow Wand" Tammy!!!

Mary said...

makes me shiver just looking at these pics...lovely photos though. Hard for me to imagine right now as I sit here sweltering in heat and stupidity...opps I mean humidity ;-)

tammy said...

hi girls
you sure are right maggie i DO need a snow wand!!
i think you need to come over mary its a lot better than the heat and stupidity you are dealing with :)

Sherry said...

You're having a hard time getting that snow you so love!!!

Gypsy said...

Still, it is pretty, and the trees look lovely in their 'snowsuits', Tammy!

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Yeah, this is how I like to see snow.... in someone elses yard, far far far away from me. :) Beautiful pictures Tammy! Thanks for sharing, makes me feel like the holidays didn't escape us as fast as I thought they did -Monica

tammy said...

hi girls
thanks for stopping by :)
i can never have enough snow monica :) i am a winter girl for sure...
have a great day all