Sunday, March 16, 2008

beaded rock

a rock from the beaches of califonia-noel sent it to me- i find it hysterical that a ROCK came all the way to the east coast by mail!! thank you noel! i covered it with batting and muslin-that noel provided- and used velveteen on the bottom-it will be a paper weight-i did not do too well making the velveteen even going around the edges-i sorely lack math and measuring skills~ but i will keep going ~if you are interested in seeing a 'tute' on how to make one see noels blog i am starting with a chartruse and teal spiral and who knows where i will go from there-stay tuned ;)


Mary S said...

your rocks going to look nice Tammy. Im wondering if it may of been a good idea to colour the fabric green first though... I tried to get into Noels blog to check out her tute but the link you have here in your blog doesnt let me says no such blog.

Noel said...

Tammy forgot the e in amuzeing...hehehe!
Nice, nice rock girl....your doing a great job...can't wait to see it finished.