Saturday, March 15, 2008

snow queen magic wand...

ohhh look at the surprise i recieved in the mail the other day-a 'snow queen magic wand' from maggie in canada-she know's i am a fool for snow and just didn't get enough of it this year for my liking-so she made me my own snow wand-and sent me snow seeds-VBG-
i can't get a good pic of them so i will have to wait to get my printer installed and scan them~you can feel the magic of the wand just holding it~thank you maggie ~check out maggies blog~
double click the pic-for the beautiful beading and shimmery sequins :)


Noel said...

You can see the beading much better in this pic then on BAD!!!
It's a beauty and afun surprise too!
Way to go Maggie!!!!

MoonRae said...

GORGEOUS!! what a lovely surprise!! just so ya's 80 here right now SO DON'T POINT THAT THING WEST!!! hehehe

Anonymous said...


Maggie made you a magnificent wand. It is gorgeous. Please don't point that thing towards Ohio. lol


Maggie R said...

Oh Tammy, this wand has provided so many giggles!!!! Seems like you have some of the gals worried about pointing it in their direction.... How about zapping that 80 degree weather some are having?!?!?! Maybe you could stir it up a bit and send some of that
"Hot"my way!! hee hee
Glad you are enjoying it as much as all the fun I had making it!

crooked heart art~tammy said...

hi girls
isn't the wand just magical!!
many thanks agian maggie-for the beauty and smile you sent my way-
for all you girls worried i will wave it your way-NO-NOPE-that won't happen-i want all the snow in ct!!

MoonRae said...

Maggie, behave yourself!! I told you all about the temp.....I didn't tell you bout the 50mph winds.....Ahhhh, desert in the spring hehehe

Beadin' Gram/aka Jackie said...

What a lovely gift from Maggie. Just don't shake you snow wand in my direction LOL.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Snow Princess!!!! What a gorgeous Magic Snow Wand...I love It. But I agree with Jackie DO NOT shake it in my direction either. LOL I never want to see another snow flake after this winter. LOL Hugs Judy