Thursday, April 24, 2008

cone progress..........

here is the work so far on my cone ok so there is a repeat of two pics!! i have to work on deleting posts !
its been slow going-
1)because my mind is on that pile of bulbs and soil in the drive way-
2)its different for me to bead around a form like this-but i like it!! and 3)-i didn't stuff it enough for my liking- so far just some swirls and a little peyote edge on the base i am thinking she needs wings :) off to play in the dirt-again :) my camera did not pick up the bright color beads i am leaning towards...


abeadlady said...


I'm liking the looks of this. May have to get me one just for the fun of it.


Anonymous said...


Your cone doll is very cute so far and wings might be a great touch.

Have fun with all the bulbs.

Beadily yours
Susan Feldkamp

Maggie R said...

Nice shape Tammy,
It's going to be a pretty one.
I'm gone for the week-end to the Quiters Retreat in Paris..........(Ontario, Canada that is!!!!!)
Sounded exotic that way!! hee hee
So have a good week-end and watch that foot!

crooked heart art~tammy said...

hi girls
thanks for stopping by :)
arline-i just bought my second one!! you NEED ONE-VBG
but the going has been slow i am out sifting thru that huge mound of soil and bulbs the last few days and am the tired girl at the end of the day :)
enjoy your day

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hey Tammy Love how your cone beading is coming along. I reckon the felt is soooooo easy to bead through. To delete the extra pic go to new post, edit post, then edit post again, go down to the photo you want to delete and right click and delete. Hope this helps. Hugs Judy

Pursuing Art... said...

The cone is off to a great start! Have you made it through that pile of bulbs yet? And, you found a toad among! I hope he didn't surprise you!!! I can only imagine him jumping...and then hurting that foot that is healing! ;-) I know if I was sitting on the pile and he surprised me...I would have *squealed* and jumped!;-)) Hope you have a great weekend! Lisa ;-))

Phyl said...

Oh, girl!!!LOve that cute orange cone with beads...
My cone is avocado green;
can't wait to start her.
Has your foot healed yet?
What kinds of bulbs are you finding in the dirt pile? Thanks for sharing your cone/beads progress!

crooked heart art~tammy said...

hi girls
well the pile of soil and bulbs is getting smaller :)
lots of good stuff in there
daylillies-daffs-lily of the valley-peonies adn small wild onions-good in salads:)
the toad was fun to find lisa-i was a little startled when he moved i thought it was just a clump of soil :) but i picked him up and gave him a little hosing off and placed him in the garden:)
enjoy your day girls :)