Sunday, April 27, 2008


a little more progress on the cone~i need to do a little couching in some area's and there are area's i am just not happy with....she has a lot of bead sparkle that the camera just does not want to pick up~since there are circles and semi~circles i think her name is ~going in circles~ VBG
i have to use the dreaded curved needle on her ;(
but so far the going has been good~good enough to order another one the other day~her back side is still blank not sure where i am going there~ its cloudy,gray and chilly today so after a little picking up around here its a good day to sit and bead :)


Gammie said...

It is looking great, Tammy. The color combination is stunning.


MoonRae said...

Very cool sweetie!! I LOVE orange, so it makes it that much cooler.....wish we had some rainy,gray days here....yesterday was sunshine and 80'and it was cooler than it has been the past week.Am I using "cool" too much?? hehe A word those of us in the desert just wish ya

Barbara said...

These cones are so cool! I have one that I made ages ago and seeing yours is an inspiration to pull it out and get some beads on it. I love your swirls and colors. Can't wait to see it finished.

I love your cats! They look like real sweeties and good buds!

kristen said...

She's looking awesome, Tammy! Love the colors and of course...the name since I seem to be going around and around myself, these days! :)


Mary S said...

Tammy love your cone doll progress... colours are fab!! as is the beading ;-)
and thanks for the pretty little basket of violets I see there for me too...Im dong alright now, tis good to be home.
thanks to Moonrae and Jeanne for their best wishes too

Pat Winter said...

I love these little creatures. Marjorie Holme made some and that was the first time I had seen them. They certainly have attitude!