Wednesday, April 30, 2008

say hello to gertie!!

heres gertie!!
new baby girl that my son just adopted~he has wanted a kitten since he moved out three years ago and finally got this little spaz and he named her gertrude~gertie for short~um that was without remembering that his late great grammie's name was gertrude~ahhh grammie would be proud ~VBG!!
what a sweet little ball of fuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Phyl said...! Gertie looks a little freaked out!Does she get along w/your house critters?!Bet she's a little wuss when she's calmed down...DS is a good boy for adopting her!

Anonymous said...

Gertie sure looks like she likes to have fun! I love baby kittys but my adult cats wouldn't be too happy if I brought one home.

Beadily yours

miss magpie-pixie said...

Gertie looks like she`s saying Hello and doing a high 5 !! :o)
He He !

She looks very cute Tammy !

Beadin' Gram/aka Jackie said...

Gertie brought a big smile --- what a funny, cute, little kitty.

Anonymous said...

I keep teasing Buddy, my dog, that we are going to get a kitty. He looks at me with his sad eyes as if to say, I am the love of your live, we don't need a kitty. The next pet I get will be a kitty, but will wait until Buddy is gone, because I am afraid the 90 pound baby dog (he's still a baby at 9)will squash a kitten. Gertie sure is cute!


Noel said...

Looks like Gertie has a great personality....hehehe!
Too cute.....don't you wish they could stay that small forever....:)
It's good to be visiting blogs again.....I've missed so much!

miss magpie-pixie said...

Have a fun time with Gertie tomorrow - and take some pics Tammy !

Pursuing Art... said...

Tammy...Gertie looks like a LIVE WIRE!!! ;-) But WAY CUTE TOO!!! Your bleeding hearts are BEAUTIFUL, so is your cone too!!! ;-)

crooked heart art~tammy said...

hi girls
gotta love the little fur balls! i am hoping my son brings her for a visit today-ahh my first grand baby has four legs-vbg
jeanne funny i want a dog but there is no way my little calico cookie would tolerate one
enjoy your day