Tuesday, May 6, 2008

PIF from grace!!

isn't she sweet!! a dotee doll from grace at www.gracebeading.blogspot.com i signed up for a PIF on graces blog and this is what came my way a wonderful winter themed dotee doll curly hair and the most delicate snow flakes-she looks like a winters snow at dusk! thank you grace-perfect for me when the heat of summer sets in -she will remind me that my favorite time of year will come soon :)


Noel said...

She's a beauty and those beaded snow flakes...wow!
Perfect doll for you sweetie!

PS....don't rush the season...you just got past it....enjoy the summer and your garden...lol!

Pursuing Art... said...

She is beautiful Tammy! Lucky You!!! Grace's work is lovely and this Dotee seems to have your name written all over it...with snow!!! ;-)