Wednesday, August 20, 2008

almost ready to fly...............

this bird house hangs where i can climb onto the picnic table and look in~just one baby in this batch it has since flown the nest and now sits in the tree and chirps to be fed~love them but it can be soo noisy~i ended up taking down the house and cleaning it out-it was stuffed to the roof with all sorts of grasses and plastic :(
feathers and small sticks-the contents went into a garbage back and into the trash- all clean and ready for next year!


Pursuing Art... said...

What a great picture Tammy! So cool that you could see in there! I know what you mean about them being noisy too! VBG! Glad you've got it all cleaned out and ready to go for next year!!! Isn't it amazing to see what all they used in their nests!!!

~Lisa ;-)

Maggie R said...

Oh How sweet.
Honestly to be entertained by Mother Nature is beyond words.
BTW Love the sunflowers..... they are awesome arent; they!!