Wednesday, August 20, 2008

a bit of summer in the garden.....

ok cookie had to sneak in here too :)
just a few things from the garden~the sunflower was one that grew from the seed from the birdfeeder-the pattern of the beginning of the flower is what got me-and the bee too of course~but a few hours later the squirrels pulled it down! they have been really destructive this summer -chewing and eating anything they can get their little paws on....i always take the seed heads from the sunflowers and either attach them to the trellis or leave them on the patio table for them-but not this year they have even dug at the base of perreninals (?) ruined my day lillies eaten the heads off of my climbing roses and broken many of the canes???
i have to wonder if that is a sign of a harsh winter to come?


Mary S said...

That cookie is such a poser isnt he... gorgeous cat, and all your lovely new photos taken in your garden...must be spring,,,woops i mean Autumn. the sunflower pics are fab! and you know what I havnt seen a monach butterfly for yonks.

Pursuing Art... said...

Just great pictures Tammy! Don't you love the pattern that is in the center of the sunflower?!! Way too cool! Cookie is so cute!!! I haven't seen too many butterflies this summer either. I wonder what is up with the squirrels and why they've been so destructive?!? Maybe it is a sign of a harsh winter to come!

Hugs...~Lisa ;-)

P.S. Thank you for sharing great shots of your beautiful garden and Cookie!!!

Gammie said...

The news the other day said the winter was going to break record cold. You should be estatic. Snowfall will be plentiful. lol


P.S. Cookie is adorable.