Thursday, August 14, 2008

full moon with wings atc.......

full moon with wings atc
tree image from the web~
flourish stamp~colored with color pencils~
a moon with wings stamp~and edged in chalk ink~ i love stamps with faces :)


Gammie said...

Does the moon have wings? I know that the cow could jump over the moon, but who'd da thunk the moon could fly too?

Did you get hi-speed yet?


Pursuing Art... said...

Oh...I LOVE IT!!! I love faces and I love the moon and the tree!!! SWEET!!!

It reminds me of one BJP page I want to do about the 'moon and I were talking'(because we HAVE)!!! It will have a tree and the moon!!! It is a favorite old song that moved me HUGE by Sade called 'the sweetest gift'!

~Lisa ;-)

P.S. Awesome Tammy!!! Every piece you have been making lately is so beautiful and there is so much growth in what you are creating!!! Hugs!!!

Phyl said...

Oh, where did you get this wonderful moon face/wings stamp?!!This is a great piece for upcoming Halloween!I love the stark images/colors...