Thursday, August 14, 2008

angel wing..............

ok one of these days i am going to get the atc straight on my scanner!!
i love this atc! i printed out the angel wing and hand holding a flower image by running tracing paper thru my printer-i use double sided tape to tape the tracing paper to a piece of copy paper-its way to flimsy to go thru the printer on its own
then used it as an overlay on a alcohol ink back ground-very cool indeed :)
i also edged it in krylon gold leaf pen.......
i think thats it for today
enjoy your day :)


Mary S said...

this is way cool Tammy. I dont understand your technique but the outcome is fabulous! No wait I just reread it...Ive got it now ;-)

Pursuing Art... said...

I love this one! The colors are beautiful and it's almost mystical...looks like a bird in flight too!

You are getting out there Tammy and good for you for trying new stuff!!!

~Lisa ;-)

Noel said...

Wow're getting into the techniques with your ATC's! I love how you did this one and thanks for the directions too!