Sunday, August 17, 2008

i need a little help if you know about these things...

finally i went to broadband-yea!!!
but i am having a hard time getting around my new home page-figuring out this and that-while i am happy with how much faster things go~ its change~ that i am having a hard time with~
i don't know how to change my rssfeed with all the blogs i read over?? can anyone help with that?? i am so 'puter' challenged its not funny
enjoy your day all :)

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Pursuing Art... said...

Yea glad you upgraded...isn't it cool! I remember when we did...I couldn't believe the difference. Oh, I wish I could help you out on the rssfeed? for your blogs!??!! Me, too, when it's new...'puter' challenged unless Spence is here! I wish I could help you!!!?!!!

Hugs...~Lisa ;-)