Thursday, September 11, 2008

me and dad............

back in the early 90's i went thru chemo and lost all my hair-and i do mean all of it!!
dad has been bald as long i can remember so i wanted a pic of us both bald :)
we are leaning against his classic caddy convertible-sad to say dad now has leukemia.....but the out look is good-thankfully!!!!
dad is one healthy 75 year old guy
i wish this pic was better showing our bladness my head kind of blends into the car roof and dad is a bit of a mess since he was working on his other classic car a 37 chevy coupe-but it is a pic i love- along with my dad :)


Noel said...

Wow Tammy, if I lookd that good bald I would shave my head.....I really, really mean it! I would love to shave my head!
Great picture of you and your dad...I will lift him up in prayer for a full speedy recovery.


Pursuing Art... said...

Tammy...I am so glad you put that cute picture of you back on your blog!!!

Your dad is a very handsome man and you look BEAUTIFUL bald!!! I can certainly see where you got your beauty girl!!! I can see why you love this is a great shot of you both!

I've been thinking of you and hoping your dad is doing well this week!!!

Hugs friend...~Lisa ;-)

Mary S said...

what a beautiful photo Tammy. and wow! how gorgeous are you with the bald head...your Dads not bad either hehehe. I do hope that his treatment is going well...

Gammie said...

How beautiful you are bald, Tammy. Dad is cute. Here's hoping for an amazing fast recovery.


Pat Winter said...

Tammy, you look fabulous bald.I have a friend who is going through that now. It was encouraging to see how beautiful and full your hair is now. I can pass that on to her.
I'm glad you dad's outlook is good. Hugs,Pat

crooked heart art~tabby said...

hi girls
and thanks :)
the doc told dad yesterday he will have to go thru a few more months of chemo :(
but the doc said his blood work is looking good so i guess its doing its job :)
many thanks for your thoughts and prayers