Wednesday, September 10, 2008

oh and one more thing.............

i thought i would share some of the watercolor background techniques
they are so very easy to do
take a sheet of water color paper-
mix each color seperately i use a yogurt cup
use a dropper to transfer some of the color to a mini mister
add some perfect pearls then more watercolor and shake away
leave a little air in the mister to get a good mix
mist as heavy as you want
i started with a lighter color
and then when dry i used rubber cement as a mask
when that is dry i then misted a darker color over the whole sheet
let that dry
and then use your finger tip to rub off the rubber cement mask and this is what you have
it maynot look like much but once you cut the sheet into the size you want the uses are endless
the perfect pearls leave a nice shimmer-i like to use these as the base when using images printed on tracing paper
ok NOW i really am going out in the garden :)

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Pursuing Art... said...

Well...that is a cool idea!!! You are always full of them and always so sweet to share!!!

xo~Lisa ;-)