Sunday, October 12, 2008

headstone rubbings....

some headstone rubbings taken from a wicked old cemetery in bethlehem ct~were i grew up this was my first attempt at doing something like this~a few things i learned~ bring bigger paper~
bring bigger crayons~do not bring your friend who does not like cemeteries :)
these stones are over 200 years old so some of the images were hard to capture you can see the urn and weeping willow~ the very dark one is of a flower that the 7 year old found~funny his rubbing the flower looked like a tulip facing down~but mine came out very different~i wish i took pic's of them both side by side so you could see how very different they came out~
the actual stone is what i really wanted~ i have been in love with that stone forever~the date on the lower right hand side is 1775~233 years old! i love the shape design and color of it~i am going back to do another rubbing of it~better equiped~the three of us had a long day and were tired when we finally got here to do this ~it was a good day tho~and to do the rubbings was pretty cool i really want to get most of the head stone and frame it :)


Reflections of life and art said...

Tammy, beautiful rubbings...I love Esther's headstone. What a fun day you had!
When my girlfriend Lin moved into her new home there was an old graveyard butt up against her property.....some of those graves went back to the late 1600's and there whole families buried there!

abeadlady said...

Love old graveyards. My favorite is in an old goldmining ghost town up the the Sierras in California. It's called Bodie. Neat stones.
I could wander for hours in an old cemetary. Love the rubbings.


Pursuing Art... said...

Way to go did it!!!

You got beautiful prints from your rubbings! LOL over your learned lessons...have had a few myself lately (like saliva on Spencer's shirt)!!! Biggest crack-up not bring your friend who does not like cemeteries!!! But I appreciate your thoughts about BIG paper and even bigger crayons!!!

Isn't it amazing how beautiful art was 233+ years ago?!? I love history that way. Great idea to frame it, too! Do you have family in CT that you could see and rub their head stones...that would be cool! me something to think about doing on a dry day when I feel like getting out of the house!

S W E E T!!! Thanks for sharing! Beautiful works of art from so long ago! Now you have to get back to that fountain and do it there!

Hugs friend...~Lisa ;-)

Maggie R said...

Wow Tammy.... Beautiful rubbings.... You are such a girl for doing different things,,,,, Love it!