Sunday, November 30, 2008


hmmmmmmmmmm for some reason today i can't post a pic up on my blog??
oh well i'll try later
i wanted to let you know that there is a new (little) link on right its a genealogy site by cindy in west virginia
she does research on family history we are working on gettting a 'button' up so you can just click it ( sorry no pic yet)
my maternal grandfather's heritage was always a bit of a mystery-he would just say he was 'swamp yankee'
and cindy has graciously been going back generations for me :) THANKS CINDY!!!
and so far it looks like my grandfathers 'swamp yankee' words are true-back about 3-4 generations so far and it still shows the family being from connecticuT??-but with a sir name of DWY cindy is thinking-english/scottish maybe.... altho my sis menitoned welsh on thanksgiving....THEY HAD TO IMMIGRATE FROM SOMEWHERE!!
i think now that i am getting older i am finding it important to know where my people came from
are you interested in finding out where your people came from?? who they were what they did? go see cindys site leave her a comment- let her know you are interested
enjoy your day all :)

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Pursuing Art... said...'s great that you shared Cindy's site. Isn't it interesting to find out about your family! Genealogy is my SIL's passion! Her vacations revolve around going to Utah, local libraries in different states, and graveyards too! I can't remember how far back she has gone on both sides of the family, but a long way.

I hope you can find out where your family immigrated is so interesting to find out about our families!

Hugs...~me ;-)