Sunday, November 30, 2008

gentle reminder

yes i am asking again
please go to my blog main page and click the 'feed a rescue animal' button
donations are down :(
remember its free the sponsers donate bowls of food based on how many times the button is clicked
i am trying to figure out how to add the button automaticly to my posts to save you time~being so'puter' challenged tho is daunting~if you have any suggestions i'll take them :)


Cindy said...

tabby - this is such an easy thing to do, just click a few buttons everyday to help feed the animals - no catch, nothing to 'fill in'. Just a few clicks - everyone should have this link and the one to feed the hungry humans on their blog!!! Thanks for sharing! I'll add a link on mine also!

Maggie R said...

Hey Tammy I finally got the button for the Animal Rescue Site on my blog!
Took me long enough!!! I LOVE IT..... thanks

Pursuing Art... said...

Tammy...headed back over to hit the button. Thanks for the reminder! I need to get this button on my blog too! When I go there...I hit each one at the top!!! xo ~Lisa ;-)