Tuesday, December 16, 2008

gifted from canada!!

look at this fun!!
this came from maggie in canada
thank you maggie
snowman soup~hot choc~mini marshmallows~choc kisses~ and a peppermint stick to stir it with~ and a great little poem~yes i already drank it :)
wonderful hand made card and the beauty is the fantastic asian pin maggie made~beaded and fantastic fabric's and there is even a cat charm~can't wait to wear it christmas day!!
~double click to really see the pin and read about 'snow man soup'
many thanks maggie you made me smile :)


Pursuing Art... said...

Oh Tammy...what a friend Maggie is!!! What a thoughtful, warm, and 'PERFECT' gift for YOU! It certainly has your name written all over it!!!

Her card are pin are lovely and the cat charm is perfect! You lucky girl! I'm sure it brought a huge smile to you!

Hugs...~Lisa ;-)

Maggie R said...

Hi Tammy....
So glad you got your little parcel....
The soup will come in handy to warm those chilly bones from that snow you have been wishing for....
Love Ya....xoox