Wednesday, December 3, 2008

just a tease.....

ok so its not much just a dusting here and there but i sure enjoyed seeing it i really need snow to help me get in the holiday spirit
enjoy your day


Lynn said...

Love your new heading! We had a dusting too last night, but now the sun is out :) and it has melted all away :(

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Oh, I would Love it if it snowed. The last two years here in N VA it has snowed on my birthday which I enjoyed very much!
Your new blog header is lovely!

Beadin' Gram/aka Jackie said...

Whoopee, glad you received at least a hint of snow. Don't worry, you will be getting more :-)

We had about 3-6 inches on the ground in our area --
and yes, it sure does help get one in to the holiday spirit.

Beautiful new header.

Hugz, Jackie

Pursuing Art... said...

Oh...I wish it would snow here too! Great dusting pictures though. I'm envious. It certainly would bring out the holiday spirit! You need to get out your magic snow wand!!! ;-)

Love the new header picture...she is beautiful!

Hugs...~Lisa ;-)

Pursuing Art... said...

P.S. Thanks for swinging by today and leaving your warm comments! I could feel the warm blush clear from the East Coast!!! LOL!

Hugs to you...~Lisa ;-)

miss magpie-pixie said...

Hi Tammy ;o)

lovely snowy pics - we just had a dump of snow overnight - guess where i`m going - outside !! This year could be good for it - it usually misses our region !
It only feeld like christmas to me - when it snows ..

hope you`re well my friend


Maggie R said...

Nice header Tammy
Not enough snow to make a snow angel yet!!! Give it time!....Our big snowfall has almost gone now!!!! Hurrah!!! Bare roads are good!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tabby, No snow yet here in NYC. It'll be nice if we get some for Christmas, but not too much. It gets all slushy and dirty fast here. If I were somewhere within more natural surroundings, like what I'm seeing in your lovely photos, I'd be loving it!

Thanks for checking out my blog and for leaving me a comment! I got a kick out of that picture with your baby chewing on the kitties tail - great shot!!