Saturday, December 6, 2008

red sky at morning sailors take warning~

red sky at night~sailors delight~red sky at morning sailors take warning~
calm befor the storm??? ok not really a storm just 2 inches or so of SNOW on the way later today!!!!! yippee can't wait!! there is something about sunrise in new england come winter the colors are amazing more so than any other time of year~well i think so anyway~come on mom nature do your stuff~i'm waiting!!!
if you double click the first pic you can see some birds in flight~gotta love a happy accident :)


GraceBeading said...


Cindy said...

Another beautiful set of photos taken by you! Breathtaking - every time!!! Wave that snow wand really hard!!!! :-)

Mary S said...

red sky in the morning, shepherds warning, and what a RED sky it is too...somethings brewing! Is that the sea Tammy it looks like the sea? Great pics!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

WOW Tabby = simply gorgeous!!!

Pursuing Art... said...

Wow...BEAUTIFUL red sky!!!!!! Stunning pictures Tammy! Are you an early bird??? I'm only an early bird if I wake up and can't sleep...otherwise, I miss most sunrises! ;-)

xo ~Lisa

P.S. A note is in the works to you BTW!!!