Sunday, December 27, 2009

i'm grining like the cheshire cat!!

ok i am grining like the cheshire cat today!!!
first i win a 'fantastic brooch from amazing grace ~then a oh so cool
ceramic button from lisa peters art and then today-i got an email from kassie at beading butterfly that i won a $25 gift certificate from artbeads!! yikes can it get any better??
i think i should go buy myself a lotto ticket don't you :D


jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

Yes, I do! I had one of those weeks last week; won a turkey AND some bacon from a couple of stores. Didn't get the lottery ticket yet. ;-) Good for you winning something. It always tickles me to hear that from others.

Mary S said...

Wow youre on a roll Tammy.. such lovely goodies.
its good to catch up with all your pics too and Im glad you are having lots of that fluffy cold white stuff. So long as that little fellow stays out there under your table and doesnt venture into your house...I have a mouse taken up residence in my kitchen...hes very smart and is able to nibble the food off the traps without getting caught,,,I will have to get one of those new fangled traps.

Phyl said...

...what a lucky girl you are!And you deserve every one of the "wins"!Yep...go buy that ticket, too....thanks for sharing your wonderful photos on your blog!

Maggie R said...

You are on a real winning streak... For heaven's sakes RUN to get that lottery ticket.... Goi Girl Go!!! na d good luck...

Pursuing Art... said...

How cool is "LUCKY GIRL*!!! Yes you should run and buy a lottery are on a roll! XO ;-)