Thursday, December 31, 2009


happy birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeeee~
ok ~i always buy myself flowers on my bday
i think like this~why wait for someone else to brighten your day??
usually i buy myself cut flowers but this year after reading bloomingwriters blog
and saw her post with orchids-i decided i want one tooooo!
the day i brought her home ( her name is gladys)
was frigid cold and i think the cold may of given her a bit of a shock and within days she dropped all her new buds :(
but i think she will be all right-its an ice orchid-to water her all you do is add three ice cubes a week and thats it!!
they have a great website that helps with just about everything
i hope she does good here because i want another one :D

and if you love flowers and gardening and life in nova scotia and i do! visit jodi's blog you are in for a treat

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Pursuing Art... said...

Oh, Gladys is beautiful!! What a bummer that she dropped her buds. Is she doing okay still? Will be fun to see what happens. I can't seem to keep them alive. Just gorgeous though! XO ~me