Friday, October 12, 2007

this my beaded doll~ZOE~she was a round robin doll on my' beaded art dolls' yahoo group~
i think she needs to be here today~ as i just found out one of the great girls who beaded on her suffered a massive heart attack and then a stroke
~marque you are in my thoughts and prayers for a good recovery~the little name plate on her chest is for you~
my soul hurts today~
double click ~


Grace said...

Tammy... I'm so very sorry to hear about Marque. I am not a member of BAD anymore - so if you would be so kind as to pass along my heartfelt prayers for her recovery, I would appreciate it immensely. I will hold he close in my thoughts.

Thank you,

tammy lang said...

oh will do grace~jo dragonflywoman let us know last nite~i don't know how she is doing but i'll pass your thougths along to jo:)

Mary S said...

Upsetting news about Marque, and thats a lovely doll you have there with speedy recovery thoughts for her.

artandtea said...

Hi Tammy, I just discovered your blog through the artdollz group. I enjoyed looking at your nature photos and the beaded dolls are wonderful! Healing thoughts for your friend...

tammy lang said...

hi karen
thanks for stopping in:)
is your blog address

Gypsy said...

Marque has been in my thoughts, and caring, since that day. Another friend I work with almost went through the same thing, due to an enlarged heart, which they called congestive heart symptoms. Came from the prednisone they had put her on two years ago! If she had not gone to the ER, they said it would have been a matter of hours before a heart attack and stroke would have occured. My friend is getting better a little every day, and I hope the same for Marque.

tammy lang said...

hi gypsy
i have a card in the mail for marque today-terrible thing she is going thru-she;s in my thoughts:)