Sunday, October 14, 2007

these are mosaic mirror bowling balls~my mom started doing them and has them all thru her garden~ so i just had to try making some~ the small one is a duck pin ball~i have 10 in my create room that i need to do~one neighbor is on the road for work and stops at tag sales and such and picks them up for me and another neighbor works for a glass company here in town and gets me the mirrors for free~they are wicked heavy combining the weight of the bowling ball to begin with then adding the grout~ the small one is cool to hold in my hand it has a magical feel to it~ ;)


Jo Anne Owens said...

Hey Tammy!

For some reason I just now found your blog! Nice stuff gal! Love your kitties too!

tammy lang said...

hey joyce!!!
glad to see you!! i have only had this thing up and running for a few weeks now-gives me another excuse not to clean the house:)

Mary S said...

At last a pic of your morror balls..they look fabulous in the garden, you could make and sell these you know.

tammy lang said...

hi mary
they really are neat things-just one more thing on my 'to do list' :)

Gypsy said...

Oh, so much cooler than regular gazing balls, and yes, you could use them as a weapon! LOL!
How are they suspended??
I just love Cookie! She reminds me of Colors, who decided to 'come back' as Callie, but with a bit more of mischief. Calicos just have my Heart!
Nice blog, by the by!!!

tammy lang said...

hey gypsy
funny calicos were never a favorite of mine- nor females-she was such a spaz as a kitten my sis(not a pet person)thought she was going to have a break down if she didn't get rid of her??? so i adopted her-she's a great little puss:)
for the small duck pin b.balls i use a candle holder so it dosen't sit on the ground-and the larger ones i use a rebar rod-or in this case segments of a old floor lamp-stick one end in the ground and the other in the finger holes of the b.ball:)