Wednesday, November 14, 2007

ahhhhh my amaryllis is starting to send up a flower shoot~the very pointy thing at the base~this one is supposed to be a pink and white one~i have a lot of luck with them blooming and a lot of times they will bloom agian before it goes dormant~problem is keeping them and getting the bulb to bloom again the next season i have tried so many techniques~

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Maggie R said...

Hi Tammy,
This looks like it is going to be a humdinger!!!
I love the amaryillis. I only grew one once and it was red. I tried to save the bulb to do it again but NOT! didn't work.
I am way behind with my blogging.... Trying to catch up to-night.
I was out shopping all afternoon for a coffee table!! Yikes, I'm dead and feet are sore!!! Got one though woo hoo.