Wednesday, November 14, 2007

here is the easy part~i belong to a yahoo group called
the newest challenge is to make a doll any type of form~but it must be only ONE color!!~YIKES!!
having never made an altered paper doll before i thought i would try it for this challenge~the real challenge comes with the color~i have decided to use only WHITE on WHITE~i think i am asking for trouble:)
this is as far as i got today~getting the pattern cut out.....just not feeling well~
i will trace it to white poster board next and keep my fingers crossed~
i am planning on dragging out as much stash as possible and see what happens~i am not sure yet as far as the face goes~a white on white face is going to be streching it for me.....stay tuned:)


Sherry said...

Oh good colour...white on can always use white thread on the face...but...when I did dolls (I painted them on wood), I never did a whole face. I used to do "just eyes"...and always thought they looked adorable.

Can't wait to see the finished product!!

tammy lang said...

hi sherry
not really sure where i am going with this one-heheeee
its on my 'to do list for today:)
thread is an idea~ thanks:D`

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

These types of challenges really get that brain working, eh? Luv the shape, will tune in to see which direction you go in next. OO la la! xo, Monica :)

sammy said...

LOve the shape of the all white doll... that would make a awesome beaded doll also!

tammy lang said...

hi sammy and monica
the shape is pretty cool but for me tooo big to bead-maybe i will shrink it down??
monica-all white sure is getting the brain into over drive-i don't have a lot of white supplies-hmmm think i need to fix that:)