Thursday, November 15, 2007


my neighbor marilyn makes wonderful cakes and cupcakes these are just two that she made the other nite~they are as good as they look:)
she has a side business of doing them and i have seen some wonderful cakes!!
she had 12 different ones and i was gifted with these two~


Carolyn said...

Wow ! Those look scrummy tammy ! Lucky you again !
Love the teapot one , and i suppose you ate both ?? !! LOL

tammy lang said...

hi carolyn
i get too much of marilyns cake!! which isn;t a bad thing but i finally had to ask her to stop-she gives them to me so her husband dosen't eat them-and she doesn;t eat cake!! the teapot one is a favorite of mine too she does do some amazing work-these i will not get to eat-seems a little cat of mine has a sweet tooth and licked the frosting off the tea pot one:)

Sherry said...

These just look too good to eat..but of course, THAT wouldn't stop me!! LOL! :)

Lori said...

Tammy, Must of had Brenda on the brain, how weird I did that, so sorry! I'm gonna go double check the paper entry I made last night! Lori

Maggie R said...

OMG Tammy these are toooooo SWEET!!!
My mouth is watering!!!!

tammy lang said...

hi girls
thanks for the comments-i told my neighbor!
and i have to say they WERE as good as they looked:)